What is in your bottles my pretties…

I am taking an impromptu survey of my peeps and their beauty products: if you read this please take the time to read the ingredients of your favorite moisturizer. When you have a minute please post the first three ingredients as well as the last three. I want to see what my peeps are putting on their skin. Also, you don’t have to tell me the name of the product (you most certainly can if you want to though!) but just tell me if it is a professional line i.e. purchased from a salon/spa; or if it is a retail item i.e. purchased from a drug/grocery store.

I want to start educating my peeps on just what exactly they are putting on their precious skin. The front of the bottle means nothing! It is what is IN the bottle that counts! Post or message me! When I get the different ingredients I will be posting the shorten version of what they are made up of and what the research says….if there is any!

Thank you! BB


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