What is in your bottles my pretties…

I am taking an impromptu survey of my peeps and their beauty products: if you read this please take the time to read the ingredients of your favorite moisturizer. When you have a minute please post the first three ingredients as well as the last three. I want to see what my peeps are putting on their skin. Also, you don’t have to tell me the name of the product (you most certainly can if you want to though!) but just tell me if it is a professional line i.e. purchased from a salon/spa; or if it is a retail item i.e. purchased from a drug/grocery store.

I want to start educating my peeps on just what exactly they are putting on their precious skin. The front of the bottle means nothing! It is what is IN the bottle that counts! Post or message me! When I get the different ingredients I will be posting the shorten version of what they are made up of and what the research says….if there is any!

Thank you! BB


bestill my boho heart

i don’t really have any thing to say about these beautiful photo’s…i found them on pinterest. i think they are so well done and i have to admit if i could spend my days styling shoots like these and doing the makeup i might just be a happier person….broke but happier. love to all my peeps. thank you for reading my humble ramblings.

And it’s FINAL!!

So what began as a conversation between my brother, Jeremy and Carolyn, the amazing founder of Grow Washington, has now become an official opportunity to “grow” a branch of my company: pur/Urth Cosmetics. I have never before put my business out there to this extent; I must say it is exciting, exhausting, overwhelming and EMPOWERING all at the same time. Following are pictures that show the display at the Sultan Grow Washington, along with a few of just the products taken outside of my studio in Monroe.

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pur/Urth by Boho Beautiful


The beginning of my Plan.

Serums, and boxes for the Mineral MakeUp

Serums, and boxes for the Mineral MakeUp


Serums nested in the beautiful home Bryan built for them.

Still nested in their home…


The AWESOME fan shelf Byran built works so WELL for both aesthetics and function. What more could a woman ask for?



Lic-o-ricious Tinted Lip Bomb’s very near-future home.


My new Boho Beautiful Apron. What do you think?? I have to say this is probably one of the most exciting things I got yesterday!! hehe. Anyone who knows me knows exactly why!! I plan on going to the local craft store and getting my company’s name, Boho Beautiful (for those who aren’t in the know) put onto the front…AND if I can figure out how (this may have my mom’s name written all over it) to sew a MakeUp Brush Holder for around my waist that would be just splendid. Oh and the best thing is this apron was 10 dollars at Hobby Lobby.

P1230491 P1230512

Fall into A Bohemian Fashion Love Story

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I love the season of Fall; the trees are still holding their own and the weather is as moody as ever! But one thing is for sure, we Washingtonians sure know how to do Fall fashion…I think we might have invented it! We dress this way 7-10 month out of the year so I think we have it down pretty good.

These looks are doable in real life. It just takes the right attitude! and a little creativity. I think the boho look is simply this: layering-COLOR-jewelry to no end—-and of course a little hippyness never hindered it.

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Peace and LOVE.


Reishi Mushroom Extract. A picture tutorial.

A little extract photo op. This was really interesting! Even after an hour the ‘shrooms were still hard and kept their form perfectly! Such an AMAZING creation these little guys. =

Reishi Mushroom in it's natural state.

Reishi Mushroom in it’s natural state.

Another angle

Another angle

still boiling...

still boiling…

Boiling the 'shroom on high for about 50 minutes.

Boiling the ‘shroom on high for about 50 minutes.

Just because I love this...

Just because I love this…


Absolutley BEAUTIFUL color. And the smell was so earthy and pure. It smelled like a tree but with a twist of 'shroom.

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL color. And the smell was so earthy and pure. It smelled like a tree but with a twist of ‘shroom.

The final product...well almost.

The final product…well almost.